Proficiency in NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

Course Outline

Physical Class

The sessions will be  purely practical. The participants will manage to interpret the outputs and write reports for decision making.

NVivo is an evolutionary software for management and analysis of a wide range of qualitative data sources. The course is designed to help anyone dealing with qualitative data to get meanings out of the data in an intuitive manner. The course offers students and researchers the tools and skills to undertake any qualitative data analysis task.

By using simplified language and practical sessions, the authors strive to equip everyone with the ability to do and to show others how to do qualitative data exploration. Course Sessions/Topics: The complete

Qualified Individuals to Join the Program • Researchers, Statisticians, Economists, M&E professionals, Students, Research and Anyone who wants to venture into qualitative research and data analysis Duration of the Training: 2 days

Training Program


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