Research Mentorship Collective

The EAL Research Mentorship Collective is the arm of Eider Africa that provides paid programs designed for individual mentorship, training on essential research skills, peer review, and copy editing to meet research project, publication, and conferencing the needs of post-graduate and doctoral students.

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The Research Mentorship collection

This is an arm of Eider Africa Limited (EAL) that provides paid programs designed for individual mentorship, training on essential research skills, peer review, and copy editing to meet research projects, publication, and conferencing needs of post-graduate, researchers and doctoral students.

EAL seeks to transform how research is taught through non-hierarchical environments that promote learning by practice. Teaching essential skills in research through tools and frameworks to make knowledge produced in research accessible and easily usable. The goal is to help students master the essential skills required to meet their scholarly needs in research, publishing and conferencing.

We have four main services under RMC. They include; Individual Mentorship, Small Group skill training, Peer Review and Copy editing.

Individual Mentorship

"Mentorship should start during the course work to allow students time to understand the intensity of the work required of them to give them ample time to complete these requirements and seek help”. Postgraduate student
EAL supports African scholars with personalized real time research guidance offered by a research mentor. This is a four-week program whereby postgraduate students and doctoral students are matched with a mentor to guide them on a particular scholarly issue. The mentee register for individual mentorship through this link.

The sessions take place 1.5 hours per week for 4 weeks. After the session, members are invited to join the Africana Journal Club where they will access peer research mentorship activities.

Essential Research Skills Training

At EAL we believe in a peer learning approach and group mentorship supports students at the same stage of proposal and thesis development, publication and conferencing with mentorship. In group mentorship we leverage a pool of mentors conversant with a particular stage of research development who then take a cohort through that particular stage.
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Peer review

At EAL Peer Reviewer is done by providing real-time support, and constructive timely feedback on the scholarly merits and the scientific value of the academic work for students to meet their scholarly requirements in research thesis, publishing and conferencing. The goal is to provide subject matter expertise to ensure the work meets the particular disciplines’ standards and upholds high academic and research standards.

Copy editing

EAL provides a real-time thorough examination of scholarly work that adheres to the specific academic style and grammatical standards to meet the scholarly requirements in research projects, publishing, and conferencing. The goal is to provide professional editing services to ensure the scholarly work upholds high academic and research standards.
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Holistic growth

We value emotional, intellectual social, physical and spiritual well being of our mentees. We believe the personal and professional lives are intertwined.

Learner centered

The mentee is at the centre of our mentorship program their mentorship ideas, needs, resources, interests and goals are priority. We encourage co-learning and collaboration between the mentors and mentees when coming up with the mentorship plan.


We support our mentees with immediate feedback and support for the queries they have to enable them accomplishes their goals within their required timelines.


We believe in enhancing our mentees self efficacy by anchoring our mentorship on their realities of time and place.

Lifelong learning

Our approach to learning is that it never stops. We, mentors and our mentees are learners for life. We derive great pleasure in asking difficult questions and pushing our research boundaries as we seek possible answers.


We desire to witness, fundamental change in the way mentees see themselves, how they undertake research and their views of the world in which we live.
"We believe in co- developing mentorship processes that are well analyzed, competence focused, mentee centered and are continually adapted to our fluid innovation context. We understand that we cannot do this alone, we invite other practitioners and interested persons to work with us to co-create transformative environments that enable emerging scholars to thrive."

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Our journal club is a space where emerging, mid career and seasoned researchers come together to grow their research skills