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Our journal club is a space where emerging, mid career and seasoned researchers come together to grow their research skills

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About Africana Journal Club

Africana Journal Club

AJC is made up of a community of African researchers, both emerging and experienced. Our members include postgraduate students, lecturers, independent researchers, consultants, and anyone who enjoys telling stories while utilizing various research methodologies. The aim of AJC is to draw African researchers and professionals to nurture research skills, critical appraisal, enhance subject matter expertise, foster networks and collaborations through a peer-to-peer mentoring model. We work with volunteers from the club to run the peer mentorship programs.

At AJC , we deliver peer mentoring while embracing the spirit of inclusion, multidisciplinary approach to research, open sharing, ethical research practice, ubuntu, and volunteerism. Some of the activities include: research webinars , critically appraising research papers collaboratively, shut up and write sessions, sharing research opportunities, individual mentorship calls and mock defenee sessions and research Q &A sessions. Our goal is to support members with skills to work on their research projects and not to do the research project for them.



Holistic Research

We assist our members in honing their research skills by recognising that research is a synthesis of theory and practise that affects the entire being.


We strive to motivate postgraduate students to complete their learning in due time by supporting them with resources and trainings


We encourage research dissemination and quality research products by members through publications.


We desire to improve argumentation skills and research leadership skills of our members
"We believe in co- developing mentorship processes that are well analyzed, competence focused, mentee centered and are continually adapted to our fluid innovation context. We understand that we cannot do this alone, we invite other practitioners and interested persons to work with us to co-create transformative environments that enable emerging scholars to thrive."