We are Committed to Developing Research Leaders in Africa

We develop responsive online and offline research mentorship programs for researchers in Kenya and Africa that help improve research capabilities as well as the quality and impact of research outcomes.

Our Programmes

Research And Development

We have been involved in coordination and implementation of development, research, and humanitarian projects that focus on: Gender Analysis, Livelihood, Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health, and Psychosocial Support; Gender-Based Violence, Children and Youth policy; Forced Displacement in national and international contexts like Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.

Mentorship Programmes

Most upcoming researchers require someone who has walked the journey for guidance.

Mentorship also exposes researchers to opportunities that can help them grow.

Journal Club

Our Journal Clubs are peer communities for postgraduate students. 

Each club is made up of individuals from a particular field or area of interest.


We are National Industrial Training Authority Training Partners NITA/TRN/1869

We train in

  1. Management and Supervisory Skills
  2. Research approaches, techniques and competences
  3. Strategic Planning and Business Development
  4. Management for new managers
  5. Resource Mobilization and Fundraising
  6. Communication Skills.
  7. Project Management

Mentoring Competent & Innovative Researchers

” Research is exciting and many upcoming researchers in Africa desire to develop high level research skills. We help them realise this aspiration. “

“I’m ecstatic about the Journal Club. My 3 classmates who introduced me to it said I had to see for myself the peer-to-peer learning that was takng place there, and one ensured I attend my first meeting. Aside from trainings, I have networked with esteemed colleagues and collaborated in scholarly pursuits. I was privileged to attend individual mentorship sessions with Eider Africa. I’m grateful for the wisdom I gained on cura personalis. I learnt how to take little steps to attain my Doctor of Psychology, PsyD, Clinical Psychology journey. Thank you Eider Africa!”

Joyce Wangari


Our Partners

Impactful Research