Data Management and Analytics Using SPSS

Course Outline

Physical Class

The sessions will be purely practical. The participants will manage to interpret the outputs and
write reports for decision making.

The course outline includes the following:

• Introduction to SPSS: Learning features of SPSS including windows that is important for data
management and analysis

• Data Management: Includes data importation, cleaning and coding into the SPSS. Creation of
variables and recording

• Descriptive Analysis: Includes data presentations inform of frequency tables, graphs, charts
and APA formats where necessary.

• Inferential Statistics: This will be analysis for conclusions based on statistical level of
significance. This will include correlations, regressions, chi-square, t-tests and F-tests (ANOVA).

Qualified Individuals to Join the Program

• Researchers, Statisticians, Economists, M&E professionals, Students, Research supervisors,
Project/Program staff in NGOs, agri-business, social sciences & education and Anyone who wants to
learn SPSS for the first time

Duration of the Training: 2 days

SPSS Training Program



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