Ms Rissy M. Wesonga is a next generation Genomic Scientist and Precision Medicine Practitioner. She is an EDCTP (European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership) Scholar and an AiBST (African institute of Biomedical Science and
Technology) 2022 Honorary Fellow.

Ms Rissy is a Research Mentor at Eider Africa and the recently launched Kenya Mentorship, Research and Publishing Hub. Ms Rissy holds an MSc (Distinction) in Genomics and Precision Medicine from Chinhoyi University of Technology,
and a BSc. (First Class Honours) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from South EasternKenya University.
For the past two years, she was a Genomics Research Trainee at the Genomic Medicine department of AiBST. On this role, she obtained key scientific skills and certifications in: Clinical genomics (i.e. Cancer genomics), Bioinformatics (RNA- Seq, SGS, NGS, GWAS, 16S rRNA, scRNA- Seq), Precision medicine (e.g. Newborn screening, Precision oncology and Pharmacogenomics).

Prior to this role she was a Research Assistant Intern, under world-renown researchers at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). Here, she worked extensively on integrated malaria vector control with a special focus on insecticide resistance in primary malaria vectors.
Ms Rissy uses her unique wealth of knowledge and skillsets to steer conversations that aim to promote the much-desired shift and transitions in existing healthcare policies.

Ms Rissy is a product of astute and methodical mentorship, and believes in using her journey to inspire young researchers to be bold and take up space in their niche. Her research interests centre around the use of cutting-edge technological advancement in the diagnosis, treatment and cure of non-communicable diseases in Africa.

Areas interested in mentorship:
1. Research/ Proposal/Academic/Manuscript writing
2. Grant writing and application
3. Scholarship application
4. Career positioning and development
5. Research Presentation/ Poster presentation

Genomic Scientist & Precision Medicine Practitioner
Rissy M. Wesonga