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We are a Research Mentorship Organization in Kenya that offers African scholars personalized real-time support to promote sustainable production and utilization of knowledge from Africa by African scholars.
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Eider Africa is an African women-led and owned business that designs and delivers research mentorship with and for African academics. Our mission is to develop African scholars who are self-assured, reflexive, critical, and confident. Our mentorship strategy is based on the creation of a non-hierarchical learning environment that values peer-to-peer learning, wellness, lifelong learning, and learning by doing. Eider Africa has been providing numerous customised real-time research support programmes to postgraduate students, instructors, freelance researchers, and universities for the past six years in order to better understand and improve the ecology in which African scholars are nurtured. We have developed several mentorship approaches in order to better understand the underlying issues that impede the sustained creation and utilisation of African knowledge. Our mentoring approach combines individual and group mentoring both online and in person. Join us!
Eider Africa

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission
A future where African scholars are in charge of producing and using knowledge.
Creating environments that put African researchers in charge of producing and using knowledge through personalized real-time support and learning through practice.


For a long time, our experiences in Africa have been told through a specific world view dominated by particular voices. This has led to the selective understanding of our realities, the proliferation of short-term solutions to long term complex problems, hierarchies in knowledge production and the invisibility of our intellectual contributions. At Eider Africa we want to continuously dismantle the power and epistemic inequalities in our contexts. We believe African researchers have to be incharge of producing and utilising knowledge in the continent.


We strive to continuously develop African research ecosystems so that they may encourage transformative, collaborative, holistic growth and wellbeing of researchers, and are based on lifelong learning. As a result, we see the need to build research mentoring programmes with African researchers, provide more customised support for academics, and create communities of support that reflect the concept of Ubuntu. We envision a future where African scholars are in charge of producing and using knowledge. There is a need to provide more personalized support for scholars to address the low completion rates for postgraduate and doctoral level scholars within the EAL journal club and beyond in order to achieve Eider’s vision. A future where African scholars are in charge of producing and using knowledge.


Personalised and real-time assistance to learn through practice the art of academic storytelling.

EAL has two arms that support emerging scholars master the skillset required to fulfil their dissertation, publication and conferencing requirements and transform them into scholars who are in-charge of producing and using knowledge. The Research Mentorship Collective (RMC) offering paid programs in Individual mentorship, Essential Research Skills Training, Peer Review and Copy Editing. The Africana Journal Clubs that provide members free access to peer learning and peer networking programs.

Our Values



Taking care of the whole researcher with programs that recognise the differentiated holistic needs of women and men researchers.

Life-long learning

Sustainable production and utilisation of knowledge from Africa by African scholars.

Responsible research

A research experience that honors African stories and is intentional about respecting the humanity of a research participant and safeguarding their wellness.


Deconstruct research as storytelling with an aim to strip off the hierarchy in knowledge production and utilisation in the research industry.

Open exchange

Non-hierarchical and complementary production and utilization and sharing of knowledge/resources.

Our Objectives

To promote sustainable production and utilization of knowledge from Africa by African scholars
To advocate for responsible research practices that honor African stories respecting and safeguarding the humanity of the research participant
To reframe research as storytelling to strip off the hierarchy in knowledge production and utilization in the research industry
To support African scholars with personalized real time guidance to that is contextualized to distribution of energies to take care of the whole person
To facilitate open exchange in the production and utilization and sharing of knowledge/resources
To transform how research is taught through non-hierarchical environments that promote learning by practice
To develop tools and frameworks to make knowledge produced in research accessible and easily usable

Our Team

Our team comprises of focused, dedicated and Africa centred working individuals who are committed to delivering timely, lifelong learning and competence focused holistic research mentorship. Below are a few click more below to view all team members