The “How” of Scientific Publishing for Postgraduate Students: WritingHub Africa and Eider Africa Develop Roadmaps and Tools for Scholars in Africa.


WritingHub Africa and Eider Africa have been involved in mentoring and supporting emerging scholars to improve their research skills and build communities of peer researchers in Africa. The two organizations have come together to develop accessible tools and roadmaps on how to publish scientific research for postgraduate (Masters and Ph.D.) students located in African Universities.

Our interactions with postgraduate students indicate that whilst there is a wide range of online resources and forums focusing on scientific publishing, many scholars and early career researchers still face numerous challenges in their quest to communicate the outputs of their research. Specifically, most of them face challenges in the process of scientific publication. One of the limitations is that scientific publishing resources provide great information on the ‘what’ of the publishing but not clear step-by-step guidance on ‘how’ to do it from start to finish in the context of postgraduate studies in Africa.

The situation is further compounded by the fact that most universities and research institutions train their postgraduate students on how to conduct and write research, but not how to publish the output! This has in part contributed to delays in completing postgraduate studies since it is a requirement in most universities for postgraduate students (Masters and Ph.D.) to publish before they can defend their theses.

Cognizant of these constraints and challenges, Eider Africa and WritingHub Africa have mapped out the sequence of steps and associated challenges for postgraduate students’ publishing. They have developed simple and practical approaches and guidelines on how to navigate through the ‘how’ to publish research outputs. The output of this partnership will soon be made available at no cost to the mentees, journal clubs, and other researchers associated with the two organizations and will help them navigate through the world of scientific writing and publishing.

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Writing Hub Africa
WritingHub Africa provides one-on-one training, mentorship, and guidance to students and researchers on science communication; including scientific writing and publishing. We also train them in methods of academic research and concept development and execution, including the development of data collection tools and protocols as well as handling, analysis, and interpretation. As champions of Open Science and research ethics, our team also trains scholars on ethical scientific practices and Open Science, particularly in the African context. The directors of WritingHub Africa are active, competent, and passionate researchers and scholars. We, therefore, understand the dynamics of the scientific communication and publishing industry. Bringing this into the partnership will aid in developing tools that are in sync with what is currently happening in the spheres of scientific communication and publishing. Our team is also composed of scholars who have published and reviewed over 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and thus are aware of and in touch with what is currently going on within the industry and especially in the African context.
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Eider Africa
Eider Africa is an organization that conducts research, designs, and implements collaboratively, offline, and online group and individual research mentorship programs for scholars in Africa. We provide mentorship on research fundamentals and connect emerging scholars to research resources and opportunities. We believe in peer-to-peer learning, learning research by practice, caring for the whole researcher, and lifelong learning. We run multidisciplinary research journal clubs with over 1000 members drawn from over 16 universities in Africa. We work with university lecturers to develop transformative inclusive research training and mentorship. In this partnership, we bring our expertise in designing learning, mapping learning needs, and developing learning resources. We also have expertise in the scientific publishing process and are familiar with postgraduate programs in Kenya. Our website:
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