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Elizabeth Mulewa Ngutuku holds a Master of Arts degree in Development studies and is completing her PhD in Development studies from the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
She is an interdisciplinary Researcher and Development professional with over 20 years of experience in social development, advocacy and research. Her experience involves management and implementation of development and research projects related to the following thematic areas: Social protection for the marginalized, Gender and Development, Early Childhood care and Development, Adolescent sexual and Reproductive Health, Child and Youth rights advocacy; Child protection; Community Development; and Organizational Development. Her research interests include how gender intersects with other identities like age, generation sexuality, gender, social class, space locale and polity to influence development outcomes for (young) women, children and youth. She has worked with various organizations in Kenya, Eastern African as well as in Asia.

In Research and knowledge activism, she has been part of a movement that advocates for decolonizing knowledge and leveraging local knowledge in development issues in Africa.

At Eider Africa she directs the research mentorship program. She is in charge of designing and delivering the various mentorship activities in the organization.
20+ Years Of Experience