Meet Our Team

Our team comprises of focused and smart working individuals who are committed to delivering timely, lifelong learning and competence focused holistic research mentorship. 


I am a professional with over 14 years of experience in gender, research, education, health and social development. I have been involved in the coordination and implementation of development, research, policy and humanitarian projects that focus on: Gender, Livelihood, Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support; Children and Youth policy; Forced Displacement in national and international contexts like Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. I have worked with organizations like Medecins Sans Frontieres -France, International Committee of the Red Cross, Voluntary Services Overseas, Refugee Consortium of Kenya . As a consultant I have worked with World University Services of Canada , Swiss Development Cooperation, SwissContact, Danish Refugee Council amongst many others. I hold a Masters degree from the Erasmus University  International Institute of Social Studies , Hague Netherlands (NUFFIC Scholarship) and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from University of Nairobi. I have published 1 journal article with INASP,  2 journal articles, 2 book chapters, 4 articles are forthcoming. 

I am deeply committed to co- creating research environments where emerging scholars/researchers can thrive and implement impactful and meaningful research projects. I believe in working with other committed professionals to make this happen and in  establishing  learning communities among researchers. The aim is to break the hierarchies that are prevalent in academia.  I Initiated a multidisciplinary journal club for emerging scholars in Nairobi in 2018. Participants were drawn from over 10 universities in Kenya and abroad. It includes both students and faculty. The club now has grown to have 181 members from different  social science disciplines.  I am also a member of AFELT a professional association for academic staff and other major players in higher education as well as a guest facilitator of AuthorAid Research Writing online course with 3000 students from 60 countries. I am also a facilitator of the Authior Aid Social Sciences Journal club which has 254 members. 


Founder | Wellness Innovator | Counselling Psychologist

Kagendo is the founder of Beyonder, a wellness consultancy that provides coping skills training, support for founders in social impact, and provides wellness-led program design.

Before dedicating herself fully to Beyonder Kagendo has been a program designer at Vizazi, a mental health organization designing programs to support young professionals in counseling psychology.

She has more than 10 years of experience in working with programs targeting behavior change such as HIV/AIDS, sexuality, life skills training, community nutrition, food security, health education, and mental health.

Kagendo believes in developing an intimate understanding of who we are designing for with the wellness-led approach as a critical element in humans solving social issues and creating social impact.

In 2020 she moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city to Laikipia County (Central Kenya) to host mindfulness retreats for founders in the countryside.

At Eider Africa, she combines her knowledge and skills in psychology and social innovation to support the Founder to gain clarity about the brand and provide technical support on wellness-led program design for Eider Africa.


Elizabeth Mulewa Ngutuku holds a Master of Arts degree in Development studies and is completing her PhD in Development studies from the International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague

She is an interdisciplinary Researcher and Development professional with over 20 years of experience in social development, advocacy and research. Her experience involves management and implementation of development and research projects related to the following thematic areas: Social protection for the marginalized, Gender and Development, Early Childhood care and Development, Adolescent sexual and Reproductive Health, Child and Youth rights advocacy; Child protection; Community Development; and Organizational Development. Her research interests include how gender intersects with other identities like age, generation sexuality, gender, social class, space locale and polity to influence development outcomes for (young) women, children and youth. She has worked with various organizations in Kenya, Eastern African as well as in Asia.

In Research and knowledge activism, she has been part of a movement that advocates for decolonizing knowledge and leveraging local knowledge in development issues in Africa.

At Eider Africa she directs the research mentorship program. She is in charge of designing and delivering the various mentorship activities in the organization.


Evelyn Jepkemei (PhD, MEd, BEd) is an Education policy and leadership expert. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the education sector in curriculum development, policy research, emotional intelligence and leadership, and instruction. She trained at Harvard University, Moi University, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Her role in Eider Africa is designing training programmes, ensuring quality control and certification.

Our Board of Directors

Here are some of the people we rely on for strategic advice across the various departments of our organization.


J. P. Ochieng’-Odero (JPR) is an entomologist with keen interest in the place of science, technology and innovation (ST&I) in economic development, and the role of learning and knowledge sharing in capacity strengthening. He is currently employed as the Project Team Leader of the DFID/PwC East Africa Research Fund. Earlier he worked as a Senior Research Scientist and Head of the capacity strengthening programme of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) including serving as the Network Coordinator of the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS) a training programme implemented in partnership with 34 African universities.

In 2008 he was appointed Deputy Director & Head of Scientific Programmes of the Consortium for National Health Research (CNHR), which is a Kenyan-based health research grant making organization. He is a member of the African Scientific Advisory Board (ASAB) of The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) since March 2019 and serves as a member of the Regional Advisory Group of the DFID-funded Knowledge Systems Innovation Project. He was appointed (2015-Current) member of the Board of Trustees of the National Research Fund (NRF) whose role is to promote research for the advancement of science, technology and innovation in Kenya. He has been (2013-2017) a member of the board of the Commission of University Education (CUE) of Kenya. He has also served as a member of the Programme Monitoring Committee of the Regional Integration Research Network of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

He graduated with a BSc. (Zoology) in 1982 from the University of Poona, and was awarded the Indian National Merit Scholarship for Science. In 1984, he was awarded an Africa-Wide Postgraduate Research Fellowship that enabled him to undertake postgraduate research at the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), New Zealand leading to his graduation with a PhD in Zoology (specializing in Entomology) from the University of Auckland in 1989.

At Eider Africa he brings expertise on research innovation, policy development and dissemination. He plays a critical role in building mutually rewarding collaborations by linking the organization with actors and institutions within the research ecosystem in Kenya and Africa. He advises on transformative capacity strengthening program within the organization. He also advises on monitoring and evaluation frameworks.



Dorothy serves as Deputy Director, Operations – providing the strategic leadership necessary to achieving AWARD’s mission of building a more gender responsive agricultural innovation system.Dorothy worked as the Mentoring Coordinator for AWARD for over eight years. She thus has experience in designing and implementing mentoring programs.

She has 39 years experience working with African agricultural networks. Before AWARD, she worked as Coordinator of the Regional Agricultural Information Network (RAIN) of the Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA). She started her career as a Planning Officer with the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, and later served for 10 years as a Program Manager with the African, Caribbean and Pacific / European Union (ACP/EU) Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. She has also previously worked with the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Nairobi, Kenya. Dorothy holds a master’s in information sciences from Loughborough University of Technology, U.K., and a bachelors in Agriculture from the University of Nairobi.

At Eider Africa Limited Dorothy takes part in conceptualizing and designing mentorship programs

Our Committee Advisors

Here are some of the people we rely on for strategic advice across the various departments of our organization.


Dr. Castro N Gichuki has a PhD in Agricultural Economics and Management from Nanjing Agricultural University and MSc and BSc degree in Community Studies and Extension from Egerton University. Also, he was a research fellow at the Institute for Money Technology & Financial Inclusion (University of California Irvine). He has undertaken research in East Africa in the areas offinancial inclusion and rural development, food safety, agricultural marketing and production, agricultural technologies adoption, agricultural policy evaluation,rural micro credits and micro entrepreneurship. He has published widely in peer reviewed journal articles and won research grants. Castro has experience in conducting qualitative, quantitative research, monitoring and evaluation. Currently he is a senior research consultant at AGRISPEC research & consultancy and adjunct lecturer at the Department of Applied Development Community Studies, Egerton University.

At Eider Africa Limited Dr. Castro advises on monitoring and evaluation frameworks.



Bill Mike’s goal is to contribute towards improvement in the way education is delivered. He believes that every individual must find meaning in education and enjoy every learning experience. More importantly, He believes in the potential of our people and that education is the means to helping them realise it.

His work mainly revolves around working with existing education institutions and the teachers in those institutions. 

He also works with others interested in solving problems and making an impact through education using all kinds of innovative approaches and technology.

At Eider Africa Limited Bill Mike advises on online learning solutions across various E-learning platforms


Lucy Njue Kimosop has 9 years’ experience in design, development, implementation, Research, Monitoring, Documentation & Evaluation of development programs with National and International organizations. She holds a Masters in Population studies from the University of Nairobi (UON), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (UON), a diploma in Project Management and is currently pursuing PhD studies in Public Health in JKUAT, ITROMID College.
She is passionate about building the capacities of organizations and has helped organizations develop award winning proposals fundraising over 4 million USD in the last 4 years. She am familiar with the proposal development requirements for key donors including USAID, DFID, ECHO, BMZ, UNICEF, UNHCR among others. She has worked with various international and local development organizations as well as government agencies to strengthen their Research, Documentation including Monitoring and Evaluation services.
Her work mainly revolves around working with existing education institutions and the teachers in those institutions. Teachers hold the key to quality education and empowering them to be able to properly deliver education is a priority. She also works on solving problems and making an impact through education using all kinds of innovative approaches and technology.
At Eider Africa Lucy advises on Resource Mobilization Strategy, Proposal development and Fundraising.

Journal Club Team


Joyce Wangari Ngugi joined Eider Africa in November 2018. She is a Lead Mentor at Eider Africa, with a Certificate in Research Mentorship, where she is involved in the Design Team curating Research Mentorship programs such as Study Smart and Virtual Cocktail. She is a consultant under Research Mentor Africa. She is an author, editor and a journal reviewer. She is also a Journal Club facilitator in the AuthorAID Social Science group. Her niche specializations in Research Mentorship includes Mixed Methodology, Research Ethics, Idea Conceptualization, Literature Synthesis, Language Support, Writing skills, Plagiarism and Professional Editing, Communication, Career Mentorship, Mentor of Mentors Facilitation, and Presentation skills.

She is a Candidate of Doctor of Psychology, PsyD, Clinical Psychology, a practitioner-scholar model, where she is researching Deaf mental health in Kenya. She is a Doctoral Teaching and Research Assistant at the Centre for Cognitive and Developmental Research, where she designs and runs experimental studies on brain memory and language under Dr. Dana Basnight-Brown, Associate Professor at United States International University-Africa ( The center is affiliated to the Global Network of Collaborative Science labs. Wangari is involved in drafting the Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications, logistical lab preparations, seeking grant funding opportunities, running lab experiments, and co-authoring manuscripts from a variety of research studies. Wangari is also a published Consultant Psychologist with 14 years’ experience in designing and implementing Psychology programs. She is a global award winner of a student first-authored study on the mental health of Deaf adults in Kenya, by the American Psychological Association Convention 2018 in California, USA.

For a full profile and a list of her publications, please view her LinkedIn Profile or website via


At Eider Africa , he manages the online resource centre and is incharge of managing online meetings across various online platforms.
Davis is a Junior Data analyst with great interest in Pragmatic Research. He is a Data Science fellow at After Work Data Science . He is developing skills in Machine Learning. He is a Fellow at Alliance4ai where he is training on Leadership skills in Artificial Intelligence. He does data science and analytics research projects in both academia and in business. His goal is to manipulate data to solve real life social-economic problems in Africa through research and advanced technology. He also recently founded a startup called Advernet Africa where we offer services in Technical Support: Google analytics, Software installations, Graphic design ie poster design, logos, PowerPoint presentation designs, Social media management.

For a full profile  please view his LinkedIn Profile


He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and is engaged extensively in research. He also has a background in the Branding and Events industry. He coordinates the club activities which include peer mentorship session, networking and opportunities sharing, research question and answer session and social media management.  He has partnered with Eider Africa before in Data management and Research assignments

"We believe in co- developing mentorship processes that are well analyzed, competence focused, mentee centered and are continually adapted to our fluid innovation context. We understand that we cannot do this alone, we invite other practitioners and interested persons to work with us to co-create  transformative environments that enable emerging scholars to thrive."



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