Journal Club

Our journal club is a space where emerging, mid career and seasoned researchers come together to grow their research skills, nurture critical appraisal skills, enhance subject matter expertise, foster networks and collaborations. Some members are postgraduate students who may double up as lecturers others are consultants and practioners in their respectful fields. We are multidisciplinary and are drawn from over 10 universities both private and public in Kenya and beyond. Our club has over 503 WhatsApp members and still growing. One of our core functions has been research mentorship, where we invite a mentor from the club or from outside to share their expertise on a particular topic. The club was started by Aurelia Munene of Eider Africa in March 2018. She runs research mentorship programs for Postgraduate students and lectures. Over the years, the focus has been on creating collective ownership of the club by club members. For example: One of the club members Micheal W. M. hosts club members during our mentorship sessions for free. We have a program called Study Smart which was founded by one of the members Joyce Ngugi and provided Mental health and wellness sessions to members since the research journey is one with many challenges and opportunities as well.

Members are encouraged to own the club and every member is free to suggest ideas, volunteer to mentor, critique and together we grow into great research leaders in Kenya and beyond. Participation is free and voluntary for members as well as research mentors. We encourage the spirit of sharing.

Specific Objectives

Our goal is to grow a community of high quality scholars and promote responsive peer learning culture.



We strive to motivate postgraduate students to complete their learning in due time by supporting them with resources and trainings


Holistic Research

We help our members to help sharpen research skills in critical reading, writing and appraisal.



We encourage research dissemination and quality research products by members through publications.



We desire to improve argumentation skills and research leadership skills of our members

Journal Club Mentorship Sessions

We also carry out mentorship sessions on various topics to enable members grow particular skills. For example so far we have carried out the following trainings.

Sessions with Aurelia Munene

Over the year Auerelia has been able to train members in various areas such as:

  • Research Planning ( 19th January 2019 )
  • Conceptualizing your research (zoom) ( 3rd August 2019 )
  • Developing your proposal ( 17th August 2019 )
  • Responding to a consultancy Terms of Reference (zoom) Racheal Kamau and Aurelia Munene ( 31st August 2019 )
  • Setting up a consultancy practice: NGO experiences ( 19th June 2019 )

Shut up and write sessions

We frequently hold sessions where we encourage to our members to put into practice what they have learned. By constantly practicing our members gain hands on participatory skills that they can apply in the various challenges they meet.

This year we have been able to hold various shut up and write sessions in 18th May, 25th May, 1st June, 15th June, 31st August.


Curated sessions with experienced guest speakers

Some of the topics addressed by our guest speakers include:

  • Theory selection and intergration with Dr. Henry Rono Kenyatta University ( 2nd February 2019 )
  • Nvivo training with LiverPool Health Trainers ( 16th, 23rd Feb & 2nd 2019 )
  • Literature Review with Monica Kimeu ( 28th April 2019 )
  • Synthesizing literature skills with Joyce Wangari ( 8th June 2019 )
  • Problem Statement and Research Questions with Elizabeth Ngutuku PhD from the Erasmus University Netherlands ( 6th July 2019 )
  • Outcome Harvesting with Eddah Kanini ( 27th July 2019 )

Journal Thematic Groups

Our goal is to grow a community of social science scholars and promote responsive peer learning culture as such we have various journal club thematic groups that you can join.

Mental Health and Psychology

Gender and Sexual Reproductive Health

Media and Communication

Development Studies

Human Resource

Public Health

Finance / Economics

Statistics / Data Science / Demography

Child Protection

Animal Physiology

"We believe in co- developing mentorship processes that are well analyzed, competence focused, mentee centered and are continually adapted to our fluid innovation context. We understand that we cannot do this alone, we invite other practitioners and interested persons to work with us to co-create  transformative environments that enable emerging scholars to thrive."



Impactful Research