Welcome again to our blog. Today We will get straight to the point and draw your attention to the Boresha Talanta Mentorship Program. We provide five reasons why it is the best place for your child/young person to be.

  1. We utilize a child centered and cura personalis approach: Our approach towards Talent development is first to get to know the child and for the child to know who we are and our role as well as their role. We make all effort to build a trusting relationship with the child and we use participatory approaches like detailed talent registration, talent reports, role plays, simulations, films, case studies to really understand your child`s needs, resources, interests, motivation and expectations. To enhance these two approaches, we begin our talent mentorship program with an essential skills package which includes topics on: Self-awareness, coping with emotions, coping with stress, empathy, decision making, problem solving creative thinking, critical thinking, effective communication, inter and intra personal relationship. This is important in laying a strong foundation for talent development.
  2. We invest in research and continuous learning. Great approaches are informed by continually seeking new and relevant context knowledge.  Knowledge about talent development processes in Kenya in terms of research or documentation of best practices is still lean. The knowledge gap means that Talent programs have to invest a lot in conducting research, learning and networking so as to continually inform their approaches. Limited quality monitoring and standards for talent programs further compounds the talent space in Kenya. In spite of these gaps, at Boresha we document all out processes and through this blog and other fora we share what we have learnt so far. We are open to learning and critiques.
  3. We invest in processes: Talent development is a process and therefore we have identified three key processes. Namely Talent identification, talent nurturing and talent circulation. We call this the talent value chain. Within this 3 steps there are selected activities that children and young persons engage in. At Boresha we function as a talent incubation centre where we prepare the child for a more advanced talent nurturing program. This means we are continually growing our network of state and non-state actors. We like to share our experiences with these actors so that we can improve our processes.Setting up a solid talent development program takes time.
  4. We work with trained talent mentors: Kenya is endowed with rich talent. At Boresha we like to tap into this talent and engage young and old mentors in working with children either at individual level or group. We engage our mentors in inception and continuous training so that they can be responsive to the needs of the children and be able to mentor them in the best way possible. Mentors are female or male in diverse areas. In terms of recruiting diverse mentors we take step by step approach so that we can learn from the processes and strive to ensure that the right mentor is matched to a child.
  5. We are introducing a caregivers and parents program: Talent development cannot be between the child and the mentor only. It involves the parents, teachers and other caregivers because they spend most time with them and they are the ones who avail resources as well as motivation to pursue a talent area. We provide the essential skilled package mentioned above to the care givers so that mentally they are at par with the children. Over time we have realized that parents/caregivers have a difficulty with supporting their children talent because of various constrains the biggest being their own discomforts about their own talents and whether they pursued them or not. We encourage open communication around this topic and explore with them the way forward.

Check out our December edition where we are recruiting children into our program. Contacts are on the poster. We value your comments and suggestions.