It is a rewarding feeling to sit with a child (4 year old) and have a one to one discussion about the things they love to do and why. That is the feeling we at Boresha Talanta Mentoship program experience constantly in our mentoring sessions with children. Thanks to them I now watch `Sofia the First` a brilliant cartoon series within a rich story line and a fancy of many young girls. I now know the fastest cars and best malls that children really have fun.

The discussion on talent management is Kenya is now alive and vibrant. Many institutions, entrepreneurs, educationists are constantly foregrounding it`s  significance. For us here at Boresha talanta we took it upon ourselves to interrogate what this aspect of learning really entails. Our findings and how we define talent management is as follows:

Talent Identification- Talent Nurturing- Talent Circulation = Talent value chain.

Talent Management is a process: It is not a one day, one shot event but a constant process of learning , unlearning and relearning.

It is contextual: How you nurture the talent of a children in one space or time differs with the child`s needs, interests, family background, their social cultural and  economic environments. Therefore the process must always be tailor made to a specific child.

It is more of a cyclical than a linear process in reality: In our experience talent identification and nurturing process for children does not always follow a step by step process (linear) as is often the ideal. This is because we realized children`s interests sometimes change midway and they develop new interests and at times want to rekindle the old ones  or changes within the family, other commitments come to play. This means that some degree of flexibility is needed for the child to explore  what they enjoy doing.

It works best if the child receives one on one sessions from a mentor who is well trained and experienced in a particular field and then later allowing the child to work in groups. This allows for relationship building, identifying of individual`s child needs and their cognitive, motor, and social abilities.

It is a holistic process: This means it goes beyond focusing on a particular talent but also a process of inculcating values in the child like discipline, commitment, integrity, resilience and creativity among others. This stimulates holistic growth.

These tips are drawn from our experiences, they are no exhaustive we will cover more in our next week blog session.  We would like to hear more tips from you.

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